Sunday, September 12, 2010

We're a bit like Lucas...

Good day all-

Soon, I'll start posting some art up here. I promise. But for now, you'll have to deal with my ramblings and rantings.

Let me preface this by stating that I am not a Star Wars fan. My fandom and nerdiness extends into many areas, but it never permeated that galaxy far far away.  I do however appreciate the Star Wars franchise on several levels: as a creator, I'm impressed at just how huge and deep that universe is and how 33 years later; it continues to expand and grow. I appreciate the impact that SW has had on popular culture and opened the gates for a slew of new concepts in all facets of storytelling. Heh, I even like the mythology of Star Wars and characters it borrows from other stories, yet turns them into something unique. But you won't see me at a con dresses as a Stormtrooper or as Salacious Crumb.

This past weekend I was reading Leanne Hannah's Star Wars parody strip Blue Milk Special and again, while not a SW geek- I found it hysterical and even I got many of the references. One of the recurring gags is old George Lucas returning throughout certain moments of the original trilogy  to confront young Lucas about certain changes, like Han shooting Greedo first and changing some of the creatures in the Cantina. As many of you know, Lucas is infamous for tweaking the original trilogy with major and minor things because he wasn't satisfied with the technology available at the time. This got me thinking about how we artists have that urge to look at something we did in the past and say "Damn, this sucks goat balls. What was I thinking?!?! If I only knew/had the skills now back then..." and so forth. How many of us already do such things? If you use traditional means to execute your work, you can easily go into Photoshop to fix something such as color saturation or even re-draw and paste new things into the work. In a way, isn't that what George Lucas does? He has a vision of what he wants and will go to any means to get what he envisions. How many of us look at our older work and make small tweaks and adjustments because we learned something like PS? In some ways, we're all bit like Lucas- working to achieve a vision we have in our minds.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Am I way off base or somewhere in the middle? Again I'm observing this from a neutral stance and thinking about what people complain about, but in some way we do to some degree on a regular bases.

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