Friday, September 10, 2010

Musings On My Mind...

I guess this will count as my first "official" posting here.

For the first time in three years, I will be attending a convention as a fan and not as an artist: New York Comic Con. I applied to be in the Artist Alley but due to a lack of space I was rejected. Wasn't bummed out by it- actually was kind of happy as the cost to set up would have been ridiculous: $450 for the space, $45 for train tickets, and God knows what else in printing and supplies. So this time I'll actually get to meander about a con and enjoy it versus working it and not getting to see all of the glory that is being a nerd.

Though, there still is some stress. DC Comics (or is that "Entertainment" now?) is hosting one of their "Talent Search" programs in which you drop off your portfolio samples to them and bite your nails to see if you get called to Oz. I'll wholeheartedly admit that this sha-bang is causing some anxiety on my end. Mainly, what do I submit? Just pencil sequentials? Inks? Painted covers? And to what division- DC Universe, MAD, Vertigo, All Ages? This exact issue has plagued me and had held me up for about two weeks now. I still have plenty of time to get my wits about and nail this work to a board, but knowing me- I'll sweat the issue until I'm sick to my stomach. This is perhaps my biggest downfall- not knowing when to draw the line (no pun intended) between concept and execution, over-thinking everything.

When I applied to Marvel in January 2005 (damn- it's been that long?), there was that cock-sure attitude and fun attached to the submissions. Sure I submitted the wrong stuff (I applied as an inker and inked my own stuff- not what you're suppose to do, but what did I know?) and knew I wouldn't get hired, but that wasn't the point behind it. I did it for myself- to say that Hey, I applied to Marvel. I tried. How many people say that they want to work in this industry but don't create any samples? Lots. I proved to myself that I could lit a fire under my ass and get to step-in. Now though.....
I guess the main difference is that unlike then, now I ACTUALLY have a chance of obtaining work. It's not a pipe-dream or wet dream. It's a tangible prospect that's slipping out of reach because I spend way to much time ruminating.

Wow, that's a lot of writing. If you read through all of that, you get a cookie. Or a Jack-and-Coke.

Over and Out,

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